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Tax Litigation and Controversy

Tax litigation requires a committed professional with years of experience and a precise understanding of the law. A. Spaeth CPA LLC is proud to possess all of those qualities.

We are a leading expert in the local tax litigation process. We help you overcome unwanted controversies, navigate the law, and determine whether you have been taxed unfairly. Ultimately, we give you the chance to build a better, brighter financial future.

Our services are available to both businesses and individuals. No matter your situation, we’re here to help.

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Professional Tax Consultation with A. Spaeth CPA LLC

If you’ve looked at your assessment and expected differently then what you’ve received, contact our professionals now. We will analyze all of your past tax records and find out where there have been mistakes and backlogged tax deductions. We also offer interpretive guidance, which breaks down all of the various tax terminologies and codes for ease of understanding. That way, you know exactly what your tax assessment means.

Our consultations come with no obligation to hire us on a permanent basis. They’re a chance for you to learn about your legal rights and obligations while finding the best course of action for your situation.

Corporate Income Tax

Due to its complexity and difficulty, corporate taxation requires the expertise of a certified specialist. At A. Spaeth CPA LLC, we provide a complete range of services to help our commercial clients with all their corporate tax needs. We help steer your business in the right direction, ensuring that you are paying the right amount of tax on your operations while helping you avoid controversy. If necessary, we will be ready to defend you in matters of litigation.

We offer our services to:

  • Incorporated corporations
  • Foreign corporations
  • Corporations doing business and collecting revenue in the country

Transfer Pricing and Tax Rates

We’re proud to specialize in transfer pricing, helping our clients conduct trade within their organization while protecting them from controversy. We ensure that your business transactions proceed without having to experience higher-than-necessary taxation rates. We keep up to date with OECD guidelines to make sure that your transfer prices reflect the lowest market rate without malpractice.

To find out more about our services, we encourage you to contact us today.

Criminal Tax Litigation

Tax crimes can occur unwittingly or due to negligence, either to businesses or individuals. Even if you were unaware of specific claims, you are still obligated to deal with the effects of filing taxes incorrectly. Our specialists possess years of experience handling a variety of tax crimes, and they’re ready to help you prevent or handle the repercussions of the following:

  • Evading or defeating tax
  • Failure to collect or pay tax
  • Failure to file a return
  • Failure to pay tax
  • Fraudulent statements
  • False statements
  • Mail fraud
  • Bribery and perjury
  • Making false claims

If you’ve been accused of committing a tax crime or would like to avoid making any mistakes in the future, contact us today.

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We’re ready to lend our expertise and steer your litigation in the right direction. With our help, you’ll soon take back control of your financial situation.

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