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When people need personal or business >accounting services, they contact A. Spaeth CPA LLC––and for a good reason. We take the stress out of tax season, introduce money-saving bookkeeping strategies, and that’s not all. We approach financial matters with professionalism and approach clients with a personable nature.  

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In our offices, we firmly believe that clients need more than simple tax preparation services. Clients need someone who acts in their best interests and fights for their ongoing financial prosperity. Our services begin with a thorough analysis of your financial situation, and proceed with tax planning and preparation, strategic business planning, and more. 

We advise, plan, and consult with clients from all backgrounds and industries. Through fully customized approaches, we eliminate the guesswork of financial accounting and give businesses and individuals a crystal-crystal picture of their current financial situation.

With our accurate findings, you’ll have the information you need to make financial decisions and improve your management strategies. We’ll help you make those decisions and craft those strategies, too. Request our services by contacting our representatives today.

In-Depth Consultations with an Excellent Accountant

Every individual or business is different. While some companies might have adequate bookkeeping practices, others might need them. Some individuals might be burdened with years of unfiled returns, while others may be looking to optimize their upcoming return.

We will find out what you need during your no-obligation consultation. We’ll look at your current financial situation, recurring issues, and where you are already thriving. With this information, we’ll craft an accounting strategy just for you. 

As certified accountants with years of experience, we are more than confident we can help you.

A Full Suite of Accounting Services at Your Disposal

We do more than address your most pressing financial and managerial concerns. We identify the deficiencies and tax burdens that have hidden in plain sight for far too long. Through thorough reviews of monthly payrolls, internal audits, and monthly expenditures, we highlight opportunities for improvement and eliminate profit-draining practices.

Some of these services include, but are not limited to:

  • Payroll services
  • Invoicing
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Preparation of financial projections
  • Client billing and collections
  • General ledger reconciliations
  • And more

Financial Accounting for Individuals and Families

We serve individuals of all backgrounds and demographics. Whether you are an individual looking to reduce expenditures for your small business, or you are eager to learn of the many benefits and deductions at your family’s disposal, we can help you. 

Get Serious About Small Business Accounting

With our help, your company’s financial situation will improve dramatically. Your accounting practices will be streamlined, ensuring lower overhead costs, higher returns, and a spotless financial record. 

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When you enlist our services, we become more than your accounting firm for hire—we become advocates for your financial progress. Request our competitively priced services by contacting (507) 634-7606.